Rules and regulations at all shows

All our shows are for the enjoyment of everyone young and old

Therefore we will be making sure everyone has fun in a safe environment 

Staff will be checking costumes and weapons on the way into the shows

if the staff considers you breach any rule/reg you will not be allowed in until you arrange 

a way of changing the problem.

Costumes must be of a size that covers the persons private body parts, no nudity is allowed at all.

Any breach of our rules you will be asked to leave without refund

Not allowed

Any props or weapons that has sharp edges

Any type of Brokken or samurai or katanas

Functioning Bows and Crossbows

No Explosives/Pyrotechnics what so ever

Any type of realistic fire arms

Or real fire arms


No Loose Whips or lasso

No pointy sharp dangerous anything

Anything Police might shoot you over

Bad behaviour towards anyone

Indecent behaviour ie Touching other cosplayers inappropriate

Inappropriate comments towards other attendees

Violent behaviour toward staff or any other attendee


Being drunk 


No Dogs

Body odour (shower and use deodorant please)




Wooden, Plastic, Rubber weapons ie Larps

Un-realistic weapons ie Guns with red/orange tips

Any Crossbow/ Bows with out being strung

Happy People

Fun people

Fantastic costumes

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